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Tribal Temple Episode 11

A celebration of techno, trance and acid from the 90s


  1. La Funk Mob - Motorbass Get Funked Up (Elektrophunk Remix)

  2. Fred - Niteshade

  3. Underworld vs. Pink Floyd - Brown Acid (Hani & Jonathan Peters Mix 1)

  4. The Electroliners - Loose Caboose (Original Mix)

  5. Shark Trax - Shark III

  6. Tesox - Go ahead London (Original Mix)

  7. Extract - Line Of Depth

  8. Der Dritte Raum Mechanoid

  9. Tokyo Ghetto Pussy - Pump It 2

  10. Urban Trance Plant - Ready To Flow

  11. Jam & Spoon - Follow Me (Arpeggiators Remix)

  12. X-Rotation - Wir Fliegen Fort

  13. Resistance D - Skyline (Bytes Mix)

Tribal Temple is a radio show on AMG Radio, celebrating the best techno, trance and acid from the 90s

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