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Tribal Temple Episode 15

A hard/melodic trance special


  1. Friends, Lovers & Family - Tribute (Bucket & Spades)

  2. Hyperspace - Mantra (A Higher State)

  3. Robotnico - Brazilian Trancer

  4. Bassman /De La Ray - Stonehenge

  5. Pro-Active - Straight On (The Nightmare Choir)

  6. Omega Force - Lyrical Bassdrum

  7. Morphielder - The Whistler

  8. The Apex - Positive Reaction

  9. Urban Trance Plant - Ready To Flow

  10. Cenobyte - Future World (Future Mix)

  11. Lunatic Asylum - The Meltdown

Tribal Temple is a radio show on AMG Radio, celebrating the best techno, trance and acid from the 90s

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