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AMG Radio - Halloween All Day Special

Shit is getting real this Saturday, 31st October. AMG Radio is hosting an all day special with all your favourite AMG Radio DJs back to back from 10am through to the small hours of Sunday morning. It will be sick.

I'm on from 12-2pm, and will be playing some gentle Saturday funky vibes.

Line up is:

  • Super Duper Missile (Vibes)

  • Make It Funky (James DB)

  • Musical Degrees  (Mr Fahrenheit)

  • Tune to Drop D (with a special live performance from Capgras Delusion)

  • Audiosauce (Ludders)

  • Knee Deep (DJ Harmony)

  • Anything Goes (MPI)

  • All Mixed Up (Chris Chill)

  • BLNTDLUFFX (Bunted Stuntsman)

  • Under The Influence. (Old Skool Scott E), 

  • Spoonfed (Missterspoon), 

  • Missing In Action (Adrenomachine)

Facebook group is here with details:

Lock. It In.


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