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Tribal Temple Episode 8

A celebration of techno, trance and acid from the 90s


  1. Overlords - Wow Mr Yogi (The Prankster's Two-In-One Mix)

  2. Lionrock - Carnival (Are you ready to testify)

  3. E-Razor - India

  4. Temple Of Light - Desert Theme

  5. The Peppermint Lounge - Lemon Project (Grapefruit Mix)

  6. Bizarre Supreme - Just Not Satisfied

  7. Movin' Melodies - P A R T Y

  8. C Y B - Now (Play Mix)

  9. Moka DJ - House Brain

  10. Ubiquity - Bolivian Angel (Hands In The Air Mix)

  11. Razor's Edge - Sleepless (Barrel Beat Mix)

  12. Thotful Spot - Trans-Sylvania

  13. DJ Tom, Norman - Tales of Mystery

  14. Luxor - Superstitious (Nursery Mix)

  15. Cosmik Space Club - Cosmik Space (TG Club Mix)

Tribal Temple is a radio show on AMG Radio, celebrating the best techno, trance and acid from the 90s

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